Industries Served

  • FOAM
  • Foam Cutting Band Knives
  • Contour Cutting Wires
  • Grinding Wheels

The PU Foam Industry requires many different types of Knives and Spare Accessories to functi…

  • Garment Band Knife Blade
  • Button Hole Knife
  • ACCB

The manufacture of Garments is a complex process involving many types of cutting machines…

  • Leather Splitting Band Knives
  • Skiving Bell Knife
  • PP Clicking Board

With the numerous processes required to manufacture Leather Goods we provide a One Stop Sh…

  • Tissue Paper Cutting Band Knives
  • Grinding Wheels

The Tissue paper Manufacturing segment requires multiple consumables with band knives and grinding wheels being the mo…

  • Eva / Rubber Splitting Band Knife
  • Grinding Wheels

The EVA and Rubber Manufacturing process requires precision Band Knives to ensure smooth and even finish of the split mater…

  • CORK
  • Cork Splitting Band Knife
  • Grinding Wheels

The Rubbersized Cork Industry manufactures sheets which are used in a variety of applications. The the sheets…

  • M42 Grade Band Saw Blade
  • M51 Grade Band Saw Blade
  • Carbon Steel Grade Band Saw Blade

The tool and alloy steel market can not function effectively without the use of quality cutting tools which can perform at…

  • Lamella Doctor Blade

In Flexible Printing and Packaging and essentinal component of the manufacturing process is the use of quality precision…